How Can You Start Your Film

Do your research.  Have you decided to venture into filmmaking and you have no idea how to wrap up your head around everything. Well, to enlighten you on the encounters you will have one of them is how to get the first job. If you want to get somewhere with your film then knowing how to get started, the right procedures to follow and precautions would be a plus for you. If you are looking to make it with making your film, then bringing your integrity, smartness, and skill to the table is what is required of you. In as much as your school degrees would be a plus, they are not the main thing that the most successful producers would seek after. Your creativity, authenticity and intellectual capacity to make a great film is what will get you on top of things. Your ability to socialize with people and quickly create a good rapport with people who have connections will take you on your way up.


Networking.  You should also do your homework and understand how the film industry operates and how competitive it is for you to be able to break through into it. Most of the times, you will find that for you to have your way through starting your film, you have to know people in the industry. People are also more likely to hire people they know because they know about their personality and have a better understanding of them and how they can work together efficiently as compared to an entirely new person. People tend to working with people who they know their weaknesses and strengths, and this is why it is essential to network and connect with more people as it will prove to beneficial to both parties. Also working with people you know allows you to be more comfortable and give your all since you have no fears.


If you are planning to start a film, then networking is something that you should have or learn if you still don’t know. Networking is the platform to help you climb up your filmmaking ladder. You can start by socializing with friends, your parent’s associates and friends so they could have connections that would prove to be beneficial to you. Start small as you expand your networking with time from the inner circle to other outside people. Anyone could prove to be helpful, it does not matter in which field they have professionalized in.


Keep everyone in your social network because you may never know when they could be beneficial and what resources they could dispose of off to you. You also may never know what connections they may be having since this is how networking works and probably how you would end up meeting someone who will connect you to your dream and help you start making your goal, film.


Here are a few steps you can follow to help start making a great film:


Choose a short script that is easy to understand and does not have a very tangled up story

Create a storyboard to give the light of the storyline flow and sequence of events

Look for a suitable location to film your script that you can mage financially. You can read our article on the top 10 cheapest countries to visit for ideas. 

Select a camera considering your budget and the length of your film

Edit your film to avoid any irrelevant footages that are not needed in the film